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Formally known as XproSolutions, at Factor57.COM our philosophy is simple: Provide the best quality service and support to customers at an affordable cost. Our mission is to develop and maintain a highly satisfactory customer relationship through our support, services, and products. We have remained a growing company since our inception in 2010, with thousands of satisfied customers currently using our services. We feel that the best customer experience is found through focus on the customer's perspective. We design all our products and services with customer satisfaction in mind. Ease of use and clarity in presentation are some of the key factors to our success, and we enjoy providing our customers with this rewarding experience every day. Our business hosting plans are designed specifically for high-traffic websites and online stores. We place less accounts on each server and scan each server regularly for PCI compliance. Business hosting is perfect if you want more reliable and fast service without having to upgrade to a VPS or managed server.

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