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Windows Web Hosting Features and Benefits

by Leon Belenky
Building a website can sometimes become an arduous task, even for the most experienced techno-geeks. For the rest of us, however, most of whom can barely spell HTML, never mind use it, building a website is something either best left to the aforementioned techno-geeks, or to Windows and Microsoft.

Using Windows to build a website certainly doesn't mean it's simple. It means it's compatible with a complete set of Windows-based data programs that all work together to make integration simpler than most other methods. So, for a Windows-based office, it's necessary to find a Windows hosting company.

A Windows hosting server is compatible with well recognized and popular Windows programs such as MySQL which helps manage huge databases. It also works with the popular ASP which is a type of scripting program that works hand in hand with MySQL. Since many shopping carts need a scripting program, and a shopping cart needs access to databases, it stands to reason that a Windows host that allows the use of MySQL and ASP would be the answer to many programmers' prayers.

Many techies love Microsoft Access when it comes to developing proprietary in house databases and with a Windows web host, using Access is almost a no-brainer.

One of the valuable benefits of a Windows server is that it will work with Microsoft Front Page, a fairly powerful web page creator where almost anyone can create a professional looking web page or an entire site without knowing any HTML. The beauty of Front Page is that once you design your page, it is automatically translated into HTML which you can then copy and paste wherever you need to. Windows servers are usually preset to read what are referred to as "Front Page extensions". In other words, if you're building a website with Front Page you need a Windows server to upload it onto.

One really important feature of using a Windows web hosting company is that most of these companies find it easier to update their server software with each new Windows update and upgrade, as opposed to competitors who don't make it all that easy. Since Microsoft is famous for coming out with new versions of everything with its name on it perhaps even too often for faithful users, it's nice to know that if you happen to be using the latest version of MySQL, it will be totally compatible with your web host's server software

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Tuesday, Sep 15th, 2009