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Why People Do Not Visit Your Website

by ekaman

You may have you own website or your organization’s website. How do you know how many traffic you have per day? The simple way to know this information is going to www.alexa.com

Many websites that have opened or just finished may be designed with a lot of money. But their problem is that there is no much traffic.

So, let’s me tell you why these website have a little traffic
Your Target Website Traffic don’t know you website

People may not know or hear about your website, simple answer. That means they cannot enter your website when they want to to use service that is in your business

How to solve this problem? Promote your website to make people know your website more by SEO, E-mail Marketing etc see at How to get traffic to your website

Your Target Website Traffic cannot remember your domain name

It would be the problem, if people enter your website but they cannot remember your website name (Domain name). Imagine, if they want to visit website again but they cannot remember your domain name, they must be go to other websites. The cause is that your domain name is hard to remember, long words, hard to type etc.

How to solve this problem?
Name your domain name easy to remember. See detail at How to Choose Best Domain Name for Your Website. If you use free web hosting that they give you very long domain name, don’t worry check out Free Domain Name

Your website is not interesting for your Your Target Website Traffic

People may entered your website and found that your website is not interesting, hard to use, difficult to read, too less information etc.

How to solve this problem?
Prepare more information and design your website more interesting check out Tips and Tricks to design website

Your website is not update

Some websites haven’t updated your website since they opened their website. When people visited website and come back, they find that nothing change. It may make your visitors will not come back again.

How to solve this problem?
Try to find a new information or service and add in your website regularly. If it’s inconvenient because you have to hire web design company, try to use web builder. Also you may build a (free) forum page in your website that you can communicate with your customers

Your competitors’ websites are better more than you do

Sometimes, people know your website but they found that your competitors’ website are better more than your website or have more kinds of service. That’s it; people will visit your competitors’ websites instead of your website.

How to solve this problem?
Try to know more about your competitors and find what your strong point and weaken point are. Find what people want and do it. Importantly, it must be BETTER.

Your website is not working

Have you ever been to the website that cannot be found and what you think about that? In same way, if some pages of your website is not working, it mean that your website is not ready.

How to solve this problem?
You should check for broken link before upload your website. Also check again when upload already. And, if the cause is from web hosting, change to a new web hosting company. See How to Choose Web Hosting.

If your website has some of the problem I said above, try to improve your website. Don’t give up

Wednesday, Feb 7th, 2007