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Why Hosting Providers Need SaaS-Based IT Management

by SAManage

More and more businesses are turning to IT asset management (ITAM) solutions to improve the way they track and manage their IT assets, including software, hardware, and other components throughout their lifecycle. With IT Asset Management solutions in place, organizations can optimize technology performance and maximize return on their system investments.

For years, hosting providers have been successfully delivering a wide array of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, including email, website hosting, customer relationship management (CRM), and more. These providers have played an important role in the SaaS revolution, helping to fuel rapid market growth by making the many benefits of service-based software delivery accessible to companies of all types and sizes.

Now, hosting companies can easily extend their suite of offerings to include IT Asset Management applications. By making SaaS-based IT Asset Management available, these firms can provide subscribers with a more convenient and affordable way to:

* Enhance visibility into all components within their technology environment
* Track assets and related activities from the time they are purchased, until they are replaced
* Reduce IT acquisition and administration costs
* Eliminate infrastructure risks, such as viruses and security breaches
* Ensure compliance with software licensing contracts
* Increase the productivity of both IT staff and end users

The SaaS approach to IT asset management provides significant benefits to companies, allowing them to leverage existing relationships with hosted service providers, while utilizing the latest and greatest technologies. At the same time, they can acquire software in a more economical manner, and avoid the hassles of solution deployment and maintenance typically associated with on-site systems.

Any hosting company that serves IT departments and their staff, and is looking to expand their presence in the SaaS market - or gain entry into it for the first time - can derive significant advantages by offering IT Asset Management solutions:

* Extend portfolios with new, innovative applications that deliver tangible, measurable value to subscribers
* Differentiate themselves in a highly competitive industry - and boost market share and revenues
* Offer comprehensive IT Asset Management as a stand-alone application, or incorporate powerful IT Asset Management capabilities into other services

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Wednesday, Sep 23rd, 2009