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Why Build Your Website Using WordPress?

by Ryan Hudson

Since 2002, the time when online marketing business got its face transformed, many web platforms emerged but WordPress is the most extensively used application for building your websites.

WordPress is undoubtedly a semantic publishing platform that emphasizes greatly on usability and intuitive web standards. It helps in building a website that can bring success at your finger tips.

What makes WordPress stand class apart?

1) WordPress enables you to alter the format of your website by browsing through the core PHP files and modifying the relevant codes.

2) This publishing platform undergoes upgrades from time to time and the only thing you’re required to do is upgrade the version when there is a potential threat of any security breach.

3) Using WordPress, you can modify your website to a static page that promotes your specific products/services effectively.  This would give your website a very professional look.

4) The platform is quite flexible and it’s too easy to jump from one theme to another. You can also enhance the functionality of your website using its plug-ins and integrate custom programming into the same and that too, absolutely free of cost.

5) It’s an impactful content management system that helps you build great web pages and you can manage considerable audio, video, text etc.

6) It’s also quite easy to create article directories, e-commerce sites, portfolio sites etc. using WordPress.

7) You can easily optimize the content of your website using SEO plug-ins of your WordPress, which would fetch your website higher search engine rankings.

8) The platform entails base source code that interlinks PHP with MySql and hence, quite easy to install. It creates your website in minutes and it’s live & running.

9) WordPress is styled by CSS  and hence all its installations compley with the set web standards.

10) It takes a very less amount of time to deploy any installation process and integrate themes, plug-ins etc. hence, it becomes easy to complete your project on or well before time. Also, it offers cost-effective web solution to individuals and SMEs around the globe, which set up small-scale sites.

There are a number of good web hosting providers that support WordPress Hosting such as LimeDomains, Yahoo!, BlueHost etc. So if you’re planning to set up a site of your own and wish to get your online presence noticed, get started today.

Ryan Hudson is an online marketing consultant and has worked with renowned organizations and published authors for more than 5 years now. With stupendous professional business writing related to the topic Web Hosting providers, Domain name, Domain name registrar, Web applications etc... And a penchant for traveling around the world, Ryan has got a lot to say.

Wednesday, Oct 7th, 2009