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Who Are Web Hosting Resellers?

by Mark Clinton
A reseller manages and operates the components of different web hosting operations through the use of infrastructure, services and the equipment, which is given by another service for web hosting. There are some resellers who operate developed businesses and companies by using the software, hardware, logistical and network support of a different firm, and there are others who just serve as sales agents to the other web hosting companies. These kinds of resellers are able to offer discounts and low-level technical support. Resellers of web hosting services allow their clients to be web hosts themselves. Resellers can effectively function, for the individual domains, using any combination of the hosting types, which would depend on who they are associated with as a provider. The accounts of resellers typically vary in size. They could have a virtual dedicated server of their own to a co-located web server. Usually, web hosting resellers could be a web developer, a systems integrator or a web design firm who is offering this as an additional service. Reseller hosting is definitely a cheaper way for those web hosting entrepreneurs to be able to start their company. A lot of reseller hosting plans that are offered allow the resellers to have the ability of choosing their pricing structure. In most cases, these resellers could establish a branding of their own through the use of name servers and customized control panels. To be a web hosting reseller, an individual does not need to have an extensive knowledge of all the technical aspects of it. Generally, the data center operator would be the one responsible in the maintenance of hardware and network infrastructure and it would be the owner of the dedicated server who would be configuring, securing and updating the server. Web hosting plays an important role in your online success. Make sure you host with the best webhosting companies like bluehost and hostgator. If you need a good domain registrar for your domain names, you can register your domains names for cheap with godaddy.com
Monday, Dec 10th, 2007