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What to Look for in Website Hosting

by John Xie

So you're setting up a new website? Or maybe you're thinking about switching hosting providers because you've had less than the best experience with your current host? Well, you definitely want to find tune your approach and consider what all options you will need. For example, do you think you will want Shared Hosting? This could be a great solution if you are looking to save money, but you want to make sure you find a reliable provider because you certainly need to know that the hosting program is going to keep your website up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The last thing you need is downtime when you run a website, especially if you expect to have lots of visitors coming in at all hours. Another thing you want to find out is whether or not VPS would be a good option for you. With this style of hosting you have your server and lots of uptime that you can utilize plus you generally get very nice technical support which can be a huge advantage. let's face it, choosing the wrong host sucks and you want to make sure you've got someone on your side at all times.

These days we are thinking beyond static content for our sites and more towards videos that keep users happy so maybe FFMPEG Hosting is a good choice for you. With this package you can grab all the advantage YouTube offers to you visitors and really keep their interests. With an awesome video site you can stream all kinds of cool content to keep people coming back and keep your site profitable, too. You definitely need Video Hosting in this day and age because there are just too many videos out there people are going to want to see and it's a smart choice to make sure you offer what your visitor really wants. Remember, if you are considering doing videos and other web 2.0 media then you want to go with Unlimited Hosting to make sure you've got constant up time and a ton of bandwidth. You want those viewers to keep coming back!

It's a very serious thing to run up huge bandwidth bills and that's understandable because the hosting companies have bills to pay, too, so as much as they want your site to succeed they can't afford to give everyone something for free. That's why unlimited hosting is so crucial and if you run a site that uses Video Hosting then it could very well be doubly important because you don't want to end up having your videos shut off when you totally exceed the level of data you're allowed to send. It's a smart move to make sure you're totally protected with a plan that understands you need all the data flow you can manage. When you expect success you tend to get it, so my advice is to plan accordingly because learning that you really did get your big wish come true should be a wonderful experience, not one that's a nightmare you hope will end as quickly as possible!

Monday, Feb 15th, 2010