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What to choose: Windows or Unix (Linux) web hosting

by Alesia

This matter, the answer on which is evident to the experienced webmaster, can spin out the beginner.
There is a contrastof two most popular platforms: UNIX and Windows, supported by overwhelming majorityof providers. Besides, we tried to dispel some wrong thoughtstowardthese platforms.

One of the greatest mistakes among beginners is that one should place a site on that platform which was used for development i.E. If it is intended to place the project on a server under UNIX, so it is essential to construct it on a machine which alsouses UNIX. This is not the utter truth. The Operating system with which you work on the computer while creating a site, can be whatever.

Hosting Platform Convenience in Usage

Within the last years providers have put maximum of intension to ease administration of sites to clients both under UNIX and under Windows. At present there is no vary between these platforms towards ease and simplicity of usage. If you are a advanceduser and prefer to use shell, preferUNIX. Yet, if you are the beginner, you will see user-friendly control panel with the web interface on both platforms.

Hosting Reliability

Experts agree in opinion that UNIX is more valid. Yet, my private experience of 3-years IIS 3.0 maintenance under Windows NT 4.0, shows that confidence of a Windows platform can be moved closer estimably to UNIX. In a much bigger measure reliance is influenced by professional level of operating personnel. It denotesthat you can resolve on a platform choice, taking into accountat first other differences in features of platforms.

Hosting Speed

There is no vital difference between these two platforms as touchingspeed at hosting problem solving.

Hosting functionality

It is the factor on which two platforms differ most of all. But Otherwise there can be tasks performed on one platform and which cannot be realised brought into actionon another. The main odds is: how this result is gained. For instance, if your site uses a database, you can use or sheaf PHP/MySQL under UNIX or ASP/MS SQL under Windows. The tendency of development of solutions which will be supported on both platforms is detected. For example, Microsoft FrontPage, is supported both on UNIX and on Windows.

Hosting cost

Here UNIX for the present advisably differs because, first, the generality of software products under UNIX extends under chargeless licences, and secondly, it is much easier to achieve the same level of surety and efficiency on UNIX, than on Windows.
If you surely do not plan to use technologies and the solutions supported only by Windows platform potentially it makes sense to select UNIX platform.

About the Author

Alesia Arefjeva is a web marketer - internet website hosting and domain registration provider.
Wednesday, Sep 23rd, 2009