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What is Video Hosting and How Can You Use It?

by John Xie

In simple terms, Video Hosting is actually pretty self explanatory, it's the ability to store and deliver videos over the web. That means you can have your own videos or store the videos of others that you want to show to your sites visitors. Now, for those who are already set up with Adult Hosting in the more 'mature content' areas of the market it's probably obvious how this kind of hosting might come in handy, but what if you're not running that kind of site and all you have is more generic content, can hosting videos be a good deal for you? The answer is absolutely, because any Web Hosting plan should at least offer you the ability to have videos on your site in an efficient way because visitors love to watch videos the same way so many of us do on YouTube and other sites.

Now, if you want to run a YouTube style site then you will need a specific solution called FFMPEG Hosting and what this does is offer you the ability to lay your site out the way YouTube does, with sections for all your different videos that you want to share with your visitors. If you can build up a site like this then you will have lots of traffic. If you make a very popular video site you will probably want to start looking into Unlimited Hosting as a means of controlling bandwidth costs. For your average site this won't be an issue but you're wanting to make a star website, aren't you? If so then you will want all of your bases covered before you find yourself looking for a solution. It's smart to use videos as a way to get great traffic and you will find that there are plenty of ways to use your videos to get attention to your site. Not to mention, it's easier than ever to turn that video attention into cold, hard cash so don't be left behind in the video revolution! Make sure you are at the forefront and earning the kind of money that you always dreamed of online by choosing the right topic area, the right marketing plans and the best hosting provider you can find.

The best hosting providers will provide you with software that's easy to install because unless you are already quite the code whiz, you aren't going to want to monkey with software. If you can find a provider of FFMPEG Hosting then you are totally set because this is the YouTube style of video delivery that surfers love. As long as you're going to be putting up quality videos then you can totally assure yourself major traffic and plenty of views. It's easy enough to get started once you've your passion or interest thrown into it and you can definitely look forward to profiting big time and most likely upgrading to VPS in the future once you learn how lucrative this market truly is. You don't want to be unprepared so make sure you find the right hosting and pick a great domain name, these are the only real issues that determine your success.

Monday, Feb 15th, 2010