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What Is Shared Web Hosting Service?

by Ryu Ken

Shared web hosting service refers to a web hosting service in which many websites reside on the same web server. Each of these sites will run on its own partition on the server which is separate from the other sites also on the server. This is usually the most economical option for many individuals needing hosting since the cost of the server maintenance is divided between each customer using the server.

Your hosting service should always include system administration since it's shared by several users. This is very beneficial for customers who don't want the headache or have the know how to deal with server issues but may be a pain for those who enjoy having control over their own hosting. For those users who require extensive software development that's not supported by their host should opt for something more complex. Most common applications which are intended for a basic web server will normally work on a shared web hosting server. Shared hosting service normally has limits on the space and bandwidth which may cause a problem for someone who has a high trafficked site. If shared hosting service can provide what you need its best to go with it especially if you are on a budget. Shared hosting tends to run much cheaper than virtual or dedicated hosting. Most companies give you the option to upgrade later if need be.

When you are ready to purchase make sure to shop around for a good company before settling. There are literally hundreds of companies and individuals that sell shared web hosting at an affordable rate. Many companies offer lower rates if you prepay for 6-12 months. Always read customer reviews and any feedback that you can find on the Internet.

Saturday, Dec 18th, 2010