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What is SANServe Managed Hosting?

by Derek Rogers

SANServe is an affordable alternative to using a dedicated server or a tape back-up system. This system is ideal for organisations that are running critical applications and need 100% uptime and have a crucial need for fast recovery in case of data corruption. SANServe, although new to the market, is a proven replacement to using dedicated servers or hosting. With large investments being made into this technology, the benefits of IP SAN are now within reach of smaller organisations as well as larger ones.

The scope of services provided by the SANServe, which were designed on a state of the art Storage Area Network (IP SAN), have been developed because of a large response to demands from resellers who are looking for a solution to meet the SME IT (Small and Medium Enterprises Information Technology) managements increasing need for SLA backed reliability and still be able to retain the ability to scale. This system meets those requirements and more. It offers reliability and performance.

If you are currently using a dedicated server and a drive or CPU fails, it would cause downtime and loss to your organisation. Switching to SANServe will eliminate the worry of loss to your enterprise. This system has the capability of storing data securely on an IP SAN, which is then mirrored across multiple drives with hot swaps available, in case your drive should fail. Using a support server, the server boots off the SAN without losing any data. This capability offers 100% reliable uptime.

The SANServer has the ability to offer a unique snapshot to store data at a specified time, anywhere from one hour to 24-hour periods, without any slowdown in productivity. Also available is Non-Disruptive Data Recovery processes that will allow you to pin point a time before the corruption occurred and go back and recover the stored data. The ability to recover data so quickly and effectively allows you to save valuable resources and time should your system ever encounter a corruption of files.

The SANServe is a breakthrough in technology for businesses that have had a tremendous growth in data that needs to be stored and backed up on a daily basis. Traditional backup, such as tape, are slow and sometimes fail to finish backing up all data over the course of one night. This is costly to the organisation, as employees are reporting for work and computers are working inefficiently and slow because the server is still running a backup. We know that time is money in business. Losing precious moments that could hinder satisfying the demands or needs of a client. With SANServe, employees report for work, the backup is complete and your server is running at full capacity.

The SANServe is easy to understand and gives you piece of mind. It is also affordable and efficient and can offer quick backup recovery for your business. If your organisation is looking for managed hosting that offers zero downtime, increased performance and reliability, offers increased security, is easily scalable and offers a stand by server, then this is the system for you.

Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For Business Internet Services and SANServe Managed Hosting, he recommends Iconnyx.

Friday, Oct 24th, 2008