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Website Revenue

by Man Bun Liu

Someone says website traffic is most important to website revenue. Someone sas it is website conversion rate that determines your website revenue. Which one do you believe ? Actually,we will have the traffic first,the visitor will scan through your sales page & detemines whether to read on or leave.

Of course,it depends on how attractive your website is.Its the job of your website to persuade the visitor to buy from your site or subscribe to your newsletter. This is the conversion rate of your website.

Website revenue depends on these two continuous factors one by one and you will loss the customer if either factor fails. In fact,it is this single factor (I call it the prosperity factor which is website traffic times website conversion rate) that determines your website revenue. However,which one is more important and should comes first?

It seems website targeted traffic is more important since traffic comes before the conversion. However,I think website conversion rate is more important. With a poorly designed website or a poorly written website sales copy,you are just driving away your vistor from your website and those visitors will never come again. If your website is designed professionally and your sales copy is well written and attractive,those visitors will subscriber to your newsletter and they will come again even they dont purchase you for the first time.

So,it is important to design your website and write your salescopy professionally before driving traffic to yuour website.

To your online success and prosperity. Tony Liu

Tuesday, Jan 9th, 2007