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Webhosting Technology

by Leon Belenky
There are a variety of technologies involved in the task of webhosting. Most individuals who manage their own webhosting account are familiar with their differences in name only but, if one decides to take on a more complex server arrangement, the differences between these various technologies will become readily apparent. It's important to remember that all of these technologies offer reliable and secure service when configured and maintained property. The question of which one is the best for any given user is usually only a question of that user's personal preferences.

The biggest choice one will make where server technology is concerned will involve the operating system. The choice is usually Windows or Linux. Windows is manufactured by the Microsoft Corporation and constitutes the server incarnation of their popular desktop operating system. Using this technology requires a licensing fee. Linux is an open source-meaning that it's free-operating system which is very popular. There is no licensing fee required but the applications generally require more skill to operate and certain commercial packages may not run on this operating system. In most cases, however, either operating system will prove more than adequate for most user's needs.

The next choice will be in control panels. There are various types of this technology available and they offer different levels of complexity and user-friendliness. Generally, most webhosting companies will provide a very simple user interface as their default choice. Those users who need more power and who have the technical ability may wish to move up to a panel such as C-Panel or H-Sphere, both of which are popular and widely-used. Be aware that they require significant skill to operate and that, when using such a technology, one is fully capable of accidentally erasing their entire website with an accidental command.

Email servers are a bit different. Like web servers, most webhosts will allow their clients their choice of operating system. This will usually mean either a commercial product or a Linux-based variant. These programs require a different set of skills to operate. They also require great attention to security. Keep in mind that every email sent to a server is a potential security breach and, for that reason, one must make diligent efforts toward making certain that anti-virus and other software is monitored and updated on these machines. This is a task that should certainly not be left to amateurs.

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Wednesday, Oct 14th, 2009