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Web Site Hosting In Australia

by Chris Taylor

Are you a small, micro or home based business looking for web site hosting in Australia? If so, here are a few good tips regarding web presence and hosting to make sure that your business gets of to the right start online.

1. Web Design

As soon as a potential customer opens your site there are a number of factors they will be looking for. These include

  • Concise and clear information stating what your business offers in terms of products and services.

  • Clearly defined navigation links to different products and services.

  • Cleary defined navigation links to 'about us' and 'contact' pages.

  • An easy to view and read professional site design overall.

What's important when first placing a site online is to keep it simple and focus on the customers needs. Promote benefits rather than features where possible and make sure that every page has an intended purpose with a desired outcome.

This outcome may be getting the potential customer to subscribe to a list, contacting your office, purchasing a product or service, etc.

2. Shared/Dedicated Hosting

Shared Hosting - Shared hosting means that you are sharing a single server with many other websites.

For most small business sites this is the best option to start with as the traffic to your site will typically be low. Benefits of shared hosting are low costs, good hosting options and support although this does depend on the host you choose.

The down side of shared hosting can be slower server speeds at peak times.

Dedicated Hosting - The most expensive type of hosting which supplies you with a dedicated server (completely your own). This type of hosting is best suited to sites which will be receiving thousands of hits per day as soon as the site is launched.

3. Support

Due to the large number of hosts online, support is a crucial area that needs to be considered.

The main things to look at are.

A. Support that will reply to your issues within 24 hours.

B. Will help you resolve technical issues and not just take you site offline if it is putting excessive strain on servers.

In the past, I have found many larger companies to take sites offline rather quickly and without consultation with the client. Unfortunately due to their size and the number of sites they host per server, they cannot take the time to notify a client properly of the websites problems.

In these cases, hosting with a smaller business can be a better option plus they usually offer more personalized service.

4. Bandwidth

Many sites are offering large amounts of bandwidth these days. In general such hosting companies are 'overselling' bandwidth and putting additional strain on servers.

When this is done, the server runs much slower, it is more likely to crash and your site loads a lot slower for the person trying to visit your website.

Finding a host at the right price that offers decent bandwidth without slowing server speeds due to 'overselling' is a must for your online business.

5. Speed

Speed at which your site downloads should be average to fast. Here is a great tool which gives you the speed of potential hosts so that they may be compared - hosting website speed test.

6. Uptime

100% up time is the best type of hosting you can get. Unfortunately many hosts do not offer this service as it requires managing backup servers and DNS pointing.

Where possible look for hosts that have proven 99% uptime or a 100% uptime guarantee using a backup server.

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