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Web Site Hosting For Small Enterprise

by li baocai

A small website will need different needs and if their use web hosting design for a large enterprise, they will be over paying for their website. So, small enterprise or business will have to determine the features that they need in order to find and choose the proper web hosting for them.

For a business, the website is a marketing tool and the tool must work properly so that they can benefit the most out of it. Therefore, the technical support of the web hosting company is very important as it will assess to any problems that they website may suffer. It will do no good for the website to have problems.

However, we cannot be 100% confident that errors never happen. Therefore, when these problems occur, we need a good technical support to fix the problem in the shortest time possible. A web hosting with great technical support will be able to provide 24 hours a day seven days a week of support. They will answer to your problem at the fastest speed possible.

Next, business owners that want to have a website should look out for the software that is used by the web hosting company. There are some software that is suitable for small business and other software that suits other types of online business. Therefore, we must know what sort of software is being use by the web hosting company of our choice.

Usually, the software for a small business will have shopping cart software. Most web hosting company provides a software called Fantastico. Fantastico is software that allows user to install different types of software to be used on their website easily.

Then, we should also think of the editing tools. Some web hosting company provides user friendly design and editing tools. If we are using Microsoft Frontpage, we must make sure that the web hosting company supports Frontpage extensions.

The web hosting should also provide other script languages like PHP, ASP and Perl. As for the smoothness of the website, we should look for web hosting companies with great uptime. A good web hosting company will be able to provide 99.9% of uptime. Not only that, we must also study the information about their data centre and the stability of their internet connection.

Lastly, as we are running a business, we need ensure reliability to our customer. Therefore we need the website to be reliable to achieve that. Look for reputable web hosting companies. Check out reviews to know how the companies stand among its competition. There are also reviews from magazines that we can refer to. We should also check the company status to ensure that it is not a scam company. This can be done by checking the Internet Better Business Bureau.

We can also look for certified logo or seal of awards won by the web hosting company to make sure that there is a reliable company. There are many scam reviews out there, so we must be extremely careful to check from different sources. If the information does not match, there is a probability that the company might be a hoax company.

Friday, Oct 2nd, 2009