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Web hosting with cpanel

by Kelvin Lee
I have used different types of web hosting control panel since I started online and the one that really caught my attention is web hosting with cpanel.

cPanel is the number one used control panel in the world as it is feature rich and user friendly. Personally, I am using web hosting with cpanel control by Hostgator. The reason why I am a cpanel lover is because it is the only control panel that can gives me a full view of all the statistics for my web hosting account.

Below are the benefits of web hosting with cpanel:

Benefit of Web Hosting With Cpanel #1) It has a stats sidebar that list you everything from your domain name, disk space usage, monthly bandwidth transfer, email accounts, sub domains, parked domains, SQL database and many more. It gives you a complete view of your whole hosting account without the need to click here and there to view some stats.

Benefit of Web Hosting With Cpanel #2) My Cpanel web hosting with Hostgator has the Fantastico Deluxe feature that allows me to install up to 52+ FREE scripts instantly and easily with a click of a button. With a click of the mouse, you can instantly install a script without any programming knowledge.

Benefit of Web Hosting With Cpanel #3) Cpanel also allows the users to switch the interface of the control panel to suit their preference. Therefore it gives you an option to switch to a interface that you find the most easiest to use.

Benefit of Web Hosting With Cpanel #4) As most internet marketers are using web hosting with cpanel, therefore most of the scripts or softwares are demonstrated with cpanel instead of other control panels. Therefore you will find it easier to install those software to your website as you are using the same cpanel control panel as them.

Personally, I will only use web hosting with cpanel as it is the most user friendly control panel I have used so far.

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Sunday, Sep 21st, 2008