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Web Hosting Selection Tips For New Web Masters

by Abdul Quddoos

These days lots of people are coming on internet and internet activities has increased manifolds as compared to what it was 5 years ago. Keeping this in mind lots of new websites are coming each day covering different niches and thus making that particular niche more competitive to gain good ranking in search engines. This battle continues and seems to be on its apex but some web gurus are of the view that internet traffic will multiply even further in coming years. For those people who are looking to start their website I have discussed an important step of web hosting selection in this of my article to clear many unknown terminologies of hosting for novices.

After selecting a domain name which will be your identity on internet you will need a web host to place your website on his server so that it becomes accessible globally through internet. Many web hosting companies are offering their services but in this age of advertisement and cluster of quality web hosting providers, how to decide which web hosting company suits you best. Obviously you will have some parameters set in your mind about your website before you go for web hosting selection but some selection criteria are said to be understood which must be focused by a new comer along with his own parameters for hosting.

Hosting is no doubt known as modern day marriage as you have to make your decision very clearly without compromising on any thing especially the price. Some cheap web hosting companies give incentives of price but webmasters have to pay that price later on in the form of low uptime guarantee and poor customer support. Here are the major factors to look for before finalizing web hosting.

Disk space and bandwidth: First and the foremost thing to look for is disk space and bandwidth allowed to your website. You have to decide this depending on your site type. If you are going for a personal website or small business website then you do not need huge Gigs of space and bandwidth but if you are of to a targeted site where traffic will be coming regularly and in huge number then you must go for larger bandwidth.

Uptime Guarantee: Almost all web hosting companies claim to provide 99.9% uptime guarantee but many of these do not fulfill the claims and later on gives some excuses. It is better advised to go for reliable web hosting in terms of uptime guarantee and it can be checked online with many existing customers or from reviews sites.

Customer Support: Before finalizing any web hosting company, you must read different reviews about that company as many websites are offering web hosting reviews. In addition check with the company by asking them different questions through phone or chat. If you are satisfied with customer support only then go with it other wise select some other web host.

Price: Last and surely less important factor should be price. Believe me or not best web hosting companies never compromise on their price and always ensure quality services to their clients both in terms of uptime guarantee and server security.

Finally, selection of best web hosting company is not difficult if you have plotted your requirements before checking. Still it will be better to read reviews about different web hosting companies from comparison sites.

Thursday, Sep 24th, 2009