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Web Hosting Prices - Are You Paying Too Much?

by Davin Ogden

When it comes to starting an online business web hosting prices are a very important factor to take into consideration. With so many different companies out there offering these services it can sometimes become quite confusing in knowing what a reasonable fee to pay is. The one thing that people must understand is that it isn't only web hosting prices that are needed to run their online business. Finding a web host provider is really only the beginning.

When it comes to business online, we all have heard that the money is in the list countless times. But, one thing that your typical hosting provider will not provide for you is a decent solution to house this part of your business. Many companies have what are know as "throttle" rates. Which basically means that they will only let you mail out so many emails in one day, or in a given amount of time. If you are an online business owner, this can be a complete business breaker. While there are many software programs out there that will run on most hosting platforms, you will still be limited by hosting provisions such as this.

Typically what happens is that most online marketers end up using several different services, and this is where the costs begin to add up. Now, it's not just web hosting prices that you are looking at. Now, it's auto-responder services as well. People typically use a third party company site for these services. The most popular are Aweber and Get Response. While these services appear to have a low monthly fee, the larger your email list size gets, so does the cost of these services. Usually once you hit 500 or more subscribers, your costs can start to rise quite dramatically.

Next, typically as your online business grows you will have other needs as well. This is usually in the form of web conferencing software. Once again, this is a monthly fee for this service. It's also generally quite high, as compared to your basic starting auto-responder package. I'm sure you are beginning to see there is a lot more to consider than just web hosting prices when it comes to being an online business owner. We also have video production services, video hosting services, and other costs that usually come into play as well.

Wouldn't it be nice to get everything in one place, and for just a low monthly fee? In the past, this hasn't been seen at all. Now, with the advancements in technology, and with the improvments of services for online business owners it is now possible. Finally, included with our web hosting prices, we are able to get everything we need all under one roof.

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Tuesday, Oct 6th, 2009