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Web Hosting Denver

by Sytsma Morris-Reeves
Web Hosting Denver

You finally decided to take the plunge. You are getting a web site for your business. Great! That decision is finished. That was the easy part. Now, what do you want?

What? You thought all you needed was to get a web site? Not exactly. Does your business have a name? If it is a new business, perhaps it may not. Even if it is an old business, you might need a different name. Web addresses need to have something called a domain name. That is the address customers use when they surf or visit any particular site. Depending on the name of your company, it is entirely possible that another company has a web site that uses your business name. This does not mean that someone is cheating you. Companies all over the world could have web sites and it is possible that someone created the web name long before you thought about using the Internet. You would then have to decide how to use the name of your company, or products or other service, to create a name that would be yours alone.

The domain name must then be registered for a specific period of time. Once registered, the name will need to be reregistered every several years, or the name will revert back into the “available” category and would become available to anyone who decided to register it. Domain name selection needs to be seriously considered. Potential customers may think of a company by its name.

What security needs are necessary? If there is to be any online purchases, security is a major issue. That tends to be obvious. People sometimes think that their content is simply informational and so don’t need much security. An informational web site doesn’t need as much security as an online store, but the site still needs to be protected from people who like hacking into sites and creating cyber vandalism on that web site.

There are also issues of developing e-mail addresses for staff. Are they necessary? How will the web site be marketed? How much bandwidth will be needed? What about a backup system? There are many issues to consider about hosting a web site. If the company has no web site guru to manage this data, consider hiring a company that can take care of those issues.

Check out Web Hosting Denver as one possibility. With years of service to other companies, both large and small, New Media provides web hosting in Denver, and they have the answers to the questions that are necessary to create, develop and maintain a viable web site for your business. They have a great track record for customer satisfaction and have the experienced staff to be able to create and host a web site so that you can attend to the business that you know best. Think about it. If you knew a lot about developing and hosting a web site, you would probably be in business to do just that. You aren’t. Why not let someone else take care of those details for you? True, you could do it yourself, but how much time and energy will that take away from the business you started originally? If you’re in Denver web site design and Denver web hosting can be yours by calling New Media - you may never need to try anywhere else.

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This article was written by Sytsma Morris-Reeves. Mr. Morris-Reeves runs NewMediaDenver,an Internet technology company located in downtown Denver, Colorado (http://www.NewMediaDenver.com).
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Wednesday, Jun 6th, 2007