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Web Conferencing - A New Era in Collaboration

by John Mao

Web conferencing has become one of the most important tools in the business world for enhancing productivity. With the use of ever improving technology, it creates the ultimate collaborative environment, not bound by distance or geographical location. It is perhaps the most ideal example of technology being in sync with the needs of modern day companies.

A web conferencing solution should be able to support many facets of a company’s activities. These include research, product development, training, board meetings and restructuring. Clearly, the application of this technology is virtually limitless. In the next few years, web conferencing tools will likely be regarded as a normal part of a company’s infrastructure.

Enhancing Collaborative Efforts

Companies with various branches have their own unique logistical challenges. This is also true for any business that has formed a strategic partnership with another entity. Imagine a situation where rather than having a directive trickle down the chain of command, it can be delivered to all relevant personnel at once. This is just a fraction of what web conferencing can do.

More importantly, web conferencing solutions possess the kind of features that make websites such an attractive marketing tool. These include Flash capabilities, live chat and remote support. On August 18 of this year RHUB Communications released TurboMeeting Version 4.0 boasting a host of user driven features like enhanced video capabilities and screen-sharing collaboration.

Other vendors will have to constantly improve their games as well in this constantly evolving landscape of communications. One lesson that has emerged from the current economic slump is that companies will have to find ways to become leaner and more efficient. The cost cutting opportunities offered by web conferencing will be hard to overlook.

A highly collaborative environment and proper fiscal management are essential to any company’s survival. Any business seeking a web conferencing solution will have a number of options. Providers like RHUB and others will continue to provide the tools which enable enhanced collaboration within corporate structures. Companies meanwhile, need to seek out or constantly upgrade their communication tools to engender new levels of efficiency.

Sunday, Feb 14th, 2010