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WARNING Hosting Your Site

by Uday Gopal Kurtkoti

During the experience of 5 years of serving customers in hosting, its necessary to lay down some warning factors to beginners or even experienced webmasters on choosing their hosting account so that they can have smooth running of their sites at all times.

Day by day the prices for hosting are dropping significantly. The reason behind it is competition. The main server is shared amongst many customers like you. This is normal practice. But what happens if all these accounts have heavy traffic, it will result in slowing down of opening your web page. To take precaution, you can ask the reseller the following or alike questions before purchasing your hosting account.

How many accounts you have on a single server? What will happen when the traffic is heavy? Will it result in crash down of server?

You can ask alike questions and get satisfied before purchasing your new hosting.

The next thing is research about the reseller who is offering you the hosting.

You have to go through the reseller for hosting. As reseller offers more discounts than the rates given by the original server hosting packages. This is because the reseller is paying a fixed amount for shared hosting and host as many sites as she wants in most of the cases. So she can offer you good amount of discount on original server rates.

Do not get mixed with reseller with affiliates. Affiliate is only joined the hosting server site free of charge and marketing the site at its original hosting plan rates. Affiliate cannot offer any discount in original plans. In case of reseller, she is paying some fixed amount every month to use the sharing part of the server.

But the reseller who has less experience in selling hosting might create more problems than to good to your account.

So what to do in this case? Simple. You can ask server related questions to ask the server information to the reseller. If you do not understand what she explained, then ask again asking her specific topics or questions what you did not understand.

If you get satisfactory answers from the reseller and that too in a simple language which you understand, you are one step ahead with this reseller.

This is the first part you have to look before you purchase new hosting. In next few days, we will look for more parts on the same directory. If you have any doubt or questions, please ask it here http://www.zeesales.com/hosting/support.php

Thursday, Jan 25th, 2007