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VPS Server Hosting Vs Shared Hosting

by Micheal Raisbeck

While choosing between a VPS server or shared hosting plan brings up a lot of difficulty. Does your website really require a VPS server? Or is shared hosting sufficient to host it? How can you decide? What really is the difference between both of these plans?

Let us see what is the difference between VPS and Shared hosting. Also, try to discuss what suits your business.

VPS is setup on a physical Dedicated Server such that each user experiences running his/her own Dedicated Server.

VPS Server Hosting offers many benefits to it's users The resources such as RAM, CPU and disk space on a node are shared between all VPS users, but each VPS acts separately from the other. Unlike shared hosting plans, you get full control over your VPS and it can be accessed remotely. It gives you the capability of installing any 3rd party application (software must be compatible with the allocated resources.

Shared hosting is the primary kind of web hosting type, where you share the server on which you are hosted with a number of other users.

Shared hosting is very much low cost hosting compared with dedicated or VPS, the reason is because it is only a minimal portion of the sever is being used.

In shared hosting, you don't have permissions to install any programs. The basic applications like PHP etc. can be installed by the hosing provider only. It is covered in the server management. This is recommended that, if you wish to start a business online, you can choose a shared hosting.

But if you want complete security for your website, VPS Server Hosting is the best choice compared to Shared.

Tuesday, Mar 2nd, 2010