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Unmetered Dedicated Servers

by Leif Cage
Dedicated Server Bandwith refers to the data transfer rate from one to another in a given time period and is often represented in bits p/sec

For example, visitors to your server, web site, or applications use Dedicated Server as the traffic moves from your server to the Internet and vice versa. Connectivity refers to the "access providers" that supply bandwidth, or data transfer rate, through various connection points across a network or footprint to one or multiple data centers where dedicated servers are housed.

Dedicated Server bandwidth are measured as follows following:

* Average bits and Transfer Speed * Unmetered Dedicated Server * Total Byte Transfered

95th Method: Line Speed - average utilization, refers to the speed in which data flows from the server or device. Measured utilizes bits p/sec , kilobits p/sec, megabits p/sec and gigabits p/sec

Unmetered Dedicated Servers : Unmetered Dedicated Server is the total Mbit/s Speed allocated to the server and configured with Port switches. Unmetered Dedicated Server services usually have an additional charge.

Dedicated server providers utilize huge number of bandwidth, lesser price from more no. of providers. This is in place of expensive infrastructure.

Network Uptime are packaged along with Service level Agreement provided by the dedicated server hosting provider. Most offer 100% Network Uptime with redundant hardware.

Basic Dedicated Servers come with 2000GB or 2TB High-Quality Bandwidth Per Month. These can definitely be upgraded to a Unmetered Dedicated Server

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Tuesday, Nov 17th, 2009