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Unlimited Web Hosting

by Amy B Xu

What is unlimited web hosting and what can it provide for us users? If you are looking for a shared hosting service provider to create your own website or self hosted blog with then there is a lot to learn about this new feature that is being used by almost all of these companies to entice potential customers. There used to be a limit to features such as disk space, bandwidth, domains and emails for a specific account. Now the consensus is to just offer more than any customer could possibly need. As soon as one web host provider started doing this, they all jumped on the bandwagon in order to stay competitive. How does this actually work and is there really such as thing as unlimited?

Unlimited web hosting is a term that is being thrown around in recent years. Users are made to believe that there is no limit to the amount of websites they can create, the amount of email accounts they have access to, the size of their site and the amount of traffic that is being generated. Back in the day, there were different levels of pricing for packages offering various amounts of features, but that has become obsolete. What are these web host providers doing differently in order to offer their customers so much value? Not much. The way they operate is pretty much the same as they did before, the only difference is that these companies now know that most of their customers sign up for an account and actually only use a very small percentage of what is being offered. In other words, most customers would use the same amount of disk space, bandwidth, domains and emails on their unlimited account as they would for a basic plan. But would you rather have a basic plan or an unlimited plan? From a marketing perspective, it's pure genius. The customer thinks he or she is getting so much more value.

It's actually a win-win situation for both parties. Customers shouldn't feel like they're getting duped in any way. You are still able to host your sites at extremely low prices. So what if you're not really going to receive an unlimited amount as you are promised? Do you really need it? This actually gives you, the customer, more leeway if you become dissatisfied with limitations of your hosting plan. If they don't want to lose you as a customer, you have more room to negotiate.

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Thursday, Nov 5th, 2009