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Understanding Web Hosting Provider Services

by Noreen Ruth

Millions of people are discovering the benefits of online marketing every day. A personal Web site or an Internet-based business requires a hosting provider where all the site information is stored. Visitors access that stored information when they visit your site. Learning a bit about how the Internet works will help you understand the service that a hosting company provides.

The Internet is aptly described with the ‘www’ – world-wide-web – a huge worldwide network. Every computer that connects to the Internet becomes a part of that ‘web’ and is given a unique identifying or IP address (Internet Protocol). Your IP address is like a phone number and other computers can communicate with yours because of it. However, we don’t type in a series of numbers but a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) when we want to visit a website. The Domain Name System automatically translates the URL into the corresponding IP address.

For your Website to be available online, you must place it on a Web server that is permanently connected to the Internet. The server provides services and security. Hosting companies provide, for a fee, space on their server, software that helps drive yourwebsite and the benefits of their expertise.

Hosting companies offer different service packages or plans designed to provide you with the services you need without making you pay for services you don't need. Every hosting company packages different combinations of features and charges different prices for those packages.

When choosing a Web hosting provider, it is important that you avoid making an impulsive decision to go for the first low ball offer that comes your way. They may have the basics to get you started but there are hosting services that you may not need in the beginning but may appreciate having as your site grows. Many will provide you with everything required to get your site up and running with numerous tools that can benefit your marketing campaign.

The three most common services are shared hosting, virtual and dedicated hosting.

• Shared Hosting: Just as the name implies, you will share a server – with hundreds of other hosting clients – and agree to use a certain percent of the server CPU that won’t exceed. Sudden peaks in traffic and data transfer may cause yourwebsite to exceed the limit, giving the provider the right to temporarily seize your website.

• Virtual Private Hosting: While physically still sharing a server with other websites, a VPS offers an environment like your own server. One server can be divided into individual units that run on their own operative system and can be individually rebooted. However, you will still be sharing the physical server’s CPU-usage, disk space and bandwidth with other VPS users.

• Dedicated Hosting: You will have a server dedicated to your website and your website only. All storage space, bandwidth and CPU capacity is for your use.

Look for a service that provides clear terms of service, guides, tips and articles to help, whether you’re a novice or an expert webmaster. These will help you understand how to use the services and features. A quality hosting service will provide excellent customer service. Consider contacting the services of your choice to see how fast you get a response. Online marketing only works if your site is active and working properly. When there’s trouble, you want to know that you’ll get an immediate response.

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Sunday, Nov 22nd, 2009