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Understanding the Value of Domain Names

by motwon

Today we see that almost all the businesses try to have some kind of online presence. Even if they do not have a million dollar website, they at least have a brochure website that showcases their products and services. One of the basic requirements for having a website is having a domain registered for your business. As days pass by, businesses find it hard to find the right domain name for their business because all the attractive domain names have already been registered.

All the businesses try to have their domain names as short as possible. However, we do not find any short domain names or single word domains available. They have already been registered by other companies for their own use or by domain name brokers that try to sell them at a premium price. There are various factors that contribute to the value of a domain name and to list a few, short domain names, generic domain names, aged domain names, etc.

Shorter domain names are the most preferred domain name formats because they can be easily remembered. Another most popular format is the abbreviation of the business name. Even the abbreviated forms of domain names are not available as all possible abbreviations are already taken. You will be surprised to see even the stupidest combinations have already been registered by domain brokers with the hope of selling them as premium domains at huge price.

Companies also look for generic domain names that are descriptive. The main reason for the demand of such domain name is their SEO value. It is believed that domain names that are keyword rich get better ranking for those keywords in the search engines. This makes generic domain names more expensive if you are to buy from or through domain brokers. Such domain names also get a wider range of audience as they get better visibility in the search engines for multiple keyword strings.

Aged domains also come in the category of premium domains. SEO professionals normally recommend their customers to register domain names for longer periods as search engines consider it as one of the ranking factors. The age of the domain also matters to the search engines. Many people register domain names temporarily to use it for spamming purposes search engines are careful not to give good ranking for such websites so to keep this menace under control search engines give more credit to aged domains. It will take a minimum of three months to set up SEO for your website and to get some kind of ranking in the search engines if they are a brand new domain name. On the other hand, if it is an aged domain, it is much easier to get rankings faster. If you are registering a new domain for your affiliate business, then you can give your affiliate website a head start by choosing aged domain names. One of the best places to look for premium domain names is Domaino.org.

Thursday, Jan 21st, 2010