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Types of load balancing Dedicated servers

by Carl Owen

The requirements of the clients are now increasing with time as the internet industry has been growing. To meet the requirements of the clients the web hosting providers keep on working continuously to provide the best possible deal to the clients with the configuration they require. Load balancing servers are the servers which are now demanded by the clients as the load on one single server is very high. Load balancing web servers setup in such a way that the load on one single server is distributed among a number of servers and this is a very good adjustment as one single server will not face any problem if this kind of adjustment is done. The load on one single server is evenly distributed and managed due to which the performance of the server also increases and the load on the server is also distributed. The only thing which can bother some of the clients is the fact that the Hardware Setup of load-balancing is quite costly in comparison to the software setup ofload balancing servers. The ways of setup are given below :

Round Robin DNS Load Balancing dedicated server:

Multiple dedicated web servers are load balanced by DNS binded server. This is normally used for a number of servers in group which is also called group of clusters. The implemention is quite simple and this is considered to be an advantage.

If this has advantages it surely will have disadvantages. The first disadvantage is, if any of the servers go down due to some reason, DNS server will not know about it. It does not know by the server port and only knows about the IP difference. One more drawback is the fact that the request will not be forwarded to the other server and the IP can be catched by others also.

Load balancing dedicated server hosting

Hardware Load-Balancing dedicated servers :

TCP/IP packets are routed to different servers within a cluster by Hardware load-balancers. They are considered to be highly reliable but the cost is the matter of concern. Network gateway is used by them to route traffic. The only disadvantage which bothers many of the clients is the fact that they are costlier to the software versions.

Software Load-Balancing dedicated servers :

Software load balancing dedicated servers are normally considered and used these days. These load balancing dedicated servers are integrated with web servers and application servers. They can be easily configured as per requirements and the best part is they are much more cheaper in comparison to Hardware Load-Balancers. It can easily be route based on different parameters which is not possible with Round-Robin. Additional hardware is required for the complete setup of a dedicated server.

Thursday, Oct 29th, 2009