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The Various Services With Co-Location

by Anthony Collins

Co-location basically means using the premises and infrastructure of another company for storing and maintaining your hardware and systems. While co-location can show you a range of benefits, it is important to know what your options are with this, and whether you too can approach a data center to help you with the infrastructure that your business needs for its operation.

The Types Of Services

A data center can provide you with a number of co-location services. The most basic type of this service is web hosting. Here you approach a company for their web space and host your website or use their server space and a part of their CPU for your data management and processing. This can be through a dedicated server for your business, where the whole server has been allocated to you. You can also go for a shared space on their servers with a host of other clients if you require relatively less server space and use low CPU.

While the shared server space can be very cheap when compared with the dedicated server, the latter has various features like CMS, databases like MySQL, PHP, and the other common software may not be provided with a shared server. This is all about co-locating your web space with a data center.

The Other Services

There are number of other services that can be approached for with the help of a data center. If you have the hardware and the systems already, you can approach a data center to provide you with the infrastructure and the systems to house these for you, providing you with uninterrupted power, safety from fire, theft and data loss, and at the same time, keep the provision of a room for you in case you want to work with the hardware on site, and not access it remotely.

All these features have made data centers and co-location a great option for you to go for. Hence, checkout the options that you have open for you and see if a data center is something your business can benefit from as well.

Wednesday, Sep 16th, 2009