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The Problem With Most MySpace Resource Websites

by Justin Fyffe

If you're a frequent user of MySpace, then chances are you probably have searched for MySpace layouts, graphics, tweaks, and more. You probably have not noticed this but most MySpace resource websites you discover contain the same exact layouts, graphics, and tweaks as the other ones. Not only do they all carry the same exact content, but the content they do carry are of low-quality.

The reason many MySpace resource sites carry the same low-quality content as the next website is because most of these websites are made with a simple script. The owners of these websites buy the script online since they either do not know how to code websites, or are simply lazy. These scripts often come with layouts and graphics so the owners of these websites do not have to make their own layouts or graphics. All the owner has to do is simply install the script, and market their website.

Although most MySpace resource websites are made with a simple easy-to-install web script that has the same content on each site, there are some websites that contain high-quality unique content. How can you tell the difference between a website with the same content and one with high-quality content? Most of the time you can tell because you will have never seen the layouts they offer on another website and the layouts will generally look a lot better. The ones with high-quality unique content are also the websites that seem to stay around the longest, rank better in the search engines, and earn the most money for their owners.

Monday, Jan 22nd, 2007