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The Negatives Associated with Companies that Offer Lifetime Hosting Plans

by Jeffrey A. Solochek

Yes, I pay a set amount each and every month for my hosting and some of the additional services cost extra but these companies that offer Lifetime Hosting sound like a great money saver. What I don't understand is where is their incentive to perform each and every month. What if I pay this $100 plus fee and they just shut their company down and I can never find them again.

What about the fact that all they have is a sales page? Nothing deeper than that sales page, no support page, no FAQ page, nothing, nada, zip. With my present host, one of the things that I like, is whenever I call them there is somebody there to answer my call. Their support can be the ticket system, live chat, or phone support which is the one I prefer when I want an answer right then and there.

Just recently, I bought a software product via the WWW using my credit card. The software never came so I disputed the charge. After a month my credit card company sent me an email saying that they found in favor of the merchant because the sale was an intangible product and that I knew the risk before purchasing. So now I am out my $43 what happens when the hosting company takes off with my $100 plus, if I find them will I be able to get my money back?

I try to never buy a product where there is only a sales pages. Sites that don't have an email address or a phone number very rarely will get my business. I especially hate it when you do a Whois lookup and the registrar comes up as private or a bogus name and info.

I also see that these companies offering lifetime hosting usually offer great disk space and I've even seen some of unlimited bandwidth but 2 problems I see here is what if you need more space then what they give you and how many sites out there in the world are using any descent amount of bandwidth. I have 20 different sites and even though it is unfortunate but only 1 of them will ever exceed the use of more than 1Gig of bandwidth. What do I need unlimited bandwidht for?

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Monday, May 14th, 2007