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The dedicated difference

by Larry Reid

Dedicated server hosting is unlike any other type of web hosting available to your company. It may be priced higher than, say, shared server hosting. However, the perks that accompany the higher price are well worth the extra cost. So what is all that different between shared and dedicated server hosting? Well, the most basic difference between the two is that shared servers see you sharing a server with sever hundred, if not thousands, other users.

These hosting services are for companies with smaller websites that are not heavy on bandwidth and do not need complete dedication. Dedicated server hosting, on the other hand, sees you having an entire server all to yourself. Yes, you will have total reign over your server and that is why it is so expensive.

Making the choice

www.artmotion.ch offers you a selection of shared and dedicated server hosting options to choose from to suit your company's web hosting needs. Under dedicated hosting you will be able to customize the software used on the server to suit the needs of your website as opposed to being restricted to the software that is available for shared servers.

You will also have better security as your website will not be susceptible to the ills of your neighbours, after all you don't have any. You will have fewer down times and ample bandwidth so that your website can always be running at top speeds and is always accessible.

As you can see, dedicated server hosting offers you some attractive features if you need them. But, if you are doing just fine with a shared server, wait until a dedicated server calls because moving before you need to is a potential waste of money.

Friday, Mar 5th, 2010