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The Advantages of Reseller Hosting

by Marcus Fei

If you're looking to make money in the website hosting business, then you may consider getting reseller hosting. They tend to come with a lot of perks such as a website builder already included, more space, and it's easier to organize your sites if you have more than one. Some people actually use this hosting to get customers on their own, while others may use it for their own advantage if they have more than one site.

No Server Maintenance

The great thing about investing in this type of website hosting is the fact that you don't have to worry about maintaining servers. It can cause confusion to a lot of newcomers within the industry and most people just want hosting that they can use instantly. The web hosting company is usually left with keeping the servers maintained and to make sure that everything is running smoothly. The servers are usually stored within their company. If you are somehow exceeding your limit or if you have a spike in traffic then you can always upgrade to the next best option for you.


Reseller hosting is definitely a great alternative to dedicated servers because of the fact that they're cheaper and pretty much do the same thing. Dedicated servers are really expensive and should be used when you have huge traffic everyday coming into your site. Most internet marketers who are starting out tend to use reseller hosting because of the fact that they're on a budget. Even some expert marketers tend to still use this type of website hosting. Pacework is a company who tends to carry reseller hosting and you'll find that they have great deals compared to some of the big name companies on the Internet.

More Control

You also have more control with the reseller web hosting as you can set limits on how much space you want yourself or others to use on each account. Most of the accounts are incorporated with C-Panel - which tends to be much easier to use as a lot of people are familiar with it. You can also use the website builder within the controls to build your own site or you can change some of the HTML coding within your site without having to open it up in your own program. It won't take you that long to figure out everything as it's pretty much just a click of a button. People who are new to web hosting are definitely recommended in going with a reseller hosting account because of the fact that it's much easier to keep sites organized.

Where To Find Reseller Web Hosting

You can pretty much find reseller hosting anywhere on the web. Pacework definitely has some good deals when it comes to having a reseller account. Many people who have used them in the past have given them great reviews. The customer service is great also and it's definitely needed as you never know what may go wrong with your websites. You even have the option of choosing your server operating system from three possible choices: CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian. You can host unlimited domains which helps when it comes to creating tons of websites and getting them up immediately so that you can market them. The best thing about the company is that you don't have to pay any server setup fees.

Friday, Dec 17th, 2010