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The Advantages of Dedicated Hosting for Online Business

by Micheal Raisbeck

If you run a blog or website, then I guess that you must have a good information about web hosting services. Between all hosting packages, are you familiar with managed web hosting plan? Managed hosting services gives a entire solution where a web hosting provider is responsible for maintenance of your servers and perform other administrative tasks.

There are Two types are available - dedicated managed hosting or shared managed hosting. Dedicated in simple it means that you own the entire server to yourself without sharing with other users/websites. Dedicated Hosting is more faster but cost more. For most, the shared model still yields good performance depending on traffic.

Having Dedicated managed Hosting offer almost uptime gurraranty with 24/7 technical support. The support and server monitoring for technical issues are usually much better than in other hosting servers.

It saves you investment for the purchase of your own hardware, software and maintenance related responsibilities making it very affordable indeed. It allows you to concentrate on your core business instead of monitoring its security and maintenance.

Web Hosting provider can also provide some additional functions such as database hosting, private networks and some security products. These usually comes with services such as load balancing, database hosting, managed storage, connectivity, daily monitoring and reporting. This make sure that your server are guaranteed to always run efficiently resulting in optimum performance.

Some service providers may apply additional price for physical maintenance of equipment. Some packages also provide you certain control over the configuration of your servers if you require some control.

If you wish to have a best performance for your website, it is always best to choose a Dedicated Hosting managed service for your business.

Tuesday, Mar 2nd, 2010