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The 10 things that Customers Want on a Website

by Rob Willey

The sun that sets in the west rises in the east! This means that, round the clock, in some part of the world, there is a potential buyer wanting to know, understand or ask more about your product and obviously, as a smart entrepreneur you want to reach up to him ASAP. You can do this in many ways but the easiest, efficient and cost effective way to get all about your company, right in the front of the customer’s eye-balls; at his will, is by creating a website with a thoughtful web design.

You may be having your website or may be considering creating one but the real concern is how your website should be? And what should be its web design? It is evident that, as the owner of the website, you will want share all about your company but for the visitor to your website; he has interests in getting the information that he wants in the quickest and easiest way. Hence, the web design of your website should be such that, it strikes a perfect balance between what you really want to highlight and what your customer wants to know.

Here are the 10 things that Customers Want on a Website

1. Be specific, be Unique!

Every information on your website should be with a purpose and in most professional and appropriate manner. Remember, it is not about saying different things but saying the same thing differently.

2. Ensure user friendly Navigation:

Minimum click, meaningful info is what the visitor wants. Web design of your website should have a place for everything and everything is in its place.

3. I am just a click away!!

Make sure that each page of your website has your contact info, you never know, which will be a right time for the visitor to contact you!! And as such, it helps a lot to build trust and credibility.

4. Flash Graphics – Just avoid it!!

It may give cool look, but takes a long time to load; even the crawling of Flash-site by search engines too is an issue. You can web design your site much better even without flash.

5.Use images but compress it!!

To load, high-res images need a little time and no one has it!

6.Highlight your company products

Give prominence to your products and services on the home page with a link s to your product page. It is the first things that visitor want know on your website.

7.Customer validation – A Big Plus!

List of clients, testimonials, reorganizations etc. on your website confirms acceptability and helps win the confidence of potential client.

8.Call action buttons – A Must!

It’s very annoying, when you want to act and you don’t know where to click. Website with a web design, which includes clear signs or buttons, helps a great deal to give logical end to visitor’s trip to your website.

9. Secure Socket Layer – Security First!

Customer always wants to be sure that the privacy of any data exchanged between him and the website is protected and SSL is the system that can assure it. Make sure that you have it.

10. Feedback

A meaningful feedback mechanism is a smart way to keep your customer in the loop and even gather relevant information that may help you to grow your business.

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Monday, Jul 11th, 2011