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SSL System

by bas

SSL bend down come from "Secure Sockets Layer". Which is protocol which increase security in recieve or send data pass linadge system. It make we can send a data which is secret such as password or credit card number throght linadge system with has sucuriting. In that way sender and reciever not who in linadge system can load secret data for used too.

A duty of protocol is...

1. Certify server say real server: client program with has capable in ssl communication will can certifying the server that is real server. By use public kep tectique for cross password and public id of that server.

2. Client certifying that real client which has method follow fisrt mean.

3. Croos communication password: in this case all data which sending between client and server will hit secret password. Say recieve data program will know if data has change in moment travel from sender to reciever.

Monday, Dec 25th, 2006