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Solution To Dissolve Shared Web Hosting Afflictions

by brad123

Shared web hosting is a cheap way to get started online where you rent a small amount of space on a server which is shared among many other users. But it has many disadvantages. The main aim of this article is to acquaint you with certain drawbacks of shared hosting and how to dissolve such afflictions. It is very important to select a right hosting service because it has a great impact on your online presence and ensure your objectives.

Shared web hosting service or virtual hosting service is though an economical option for most people but they should also know there are certain drawbacks. My intention is not at all to stop you from opting shared web hosting service but to make you knowledgeable about the disadvantages and guide you to take necessary step as required. Among the different afflictions to be mentioned while availing shared web hosting service is that you will confront email delivery problems if the other sites on the same server make spam complaints. Another major drawback is that since the operating system and server resources are fixed in shared web hosting plan then as a client you are devoid of hosting website that runs an application, which is incompatible with the operation system, bandwidth and other resources of the web server in a Shared Hosting environment. In general it can be said that shared hosting will be inappropriate choice for those users who require extensive software development outside what the hosting provider supports.

It should be mentioned that since the resources are shared among all the customers on a single server, so, if one tends to utilize a very high amount of CPU or memory, then the other customer on the same server will tend to suffer. Their site may come to a halt and the same may happen with you too. Even denial of service against some sites on the same server that attract antisocial elements will also have deep- impact on your site. You will find your site going down.

So to avoid all these drawbacks you can opt for a virtual dedicated server that will provide you with a much larger chunk of bandwidth and multiple IP addresses that are exclusive to your sites. As far as I think you will never regret to work with cheap virtual dedicated server that offers increased speed and bandwidth and none of the shared hosting headaches. As there is an upside and downside of everything that we are acquainted with similarly there is also a downside of upgrading to virtual dedicated hosting and that is you will need to be more technically proficient by learning the necessary Linux skills so that you can administer the server. Now the choice is yours to take-on the challenge of virtual dedicated web hosting or leave it.

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Thursday, Nov 6th, 2008