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Small Business Web Hosting Advice

by David O Connell
For small businesses, a web host that ensures 99% uptime, offers at least 5GB bandwidth each month and one that offers various reports and statistics about the site is essential for the survival of the business. As the Internet continues to grow, increased competition, new marketing methods and ensuring excellent quality service to customers are all obstacles that business owners must face in order to turn a profit. When looking for a web host for your small business, keep in mind the following as these features can make running your business a little easier. Web Hosting and Web Design in One If you have little web design experience, but can't afford to hire a professional web designer, you may have to invest in web design software or subscribe to a web host that offers design templates and more so you can create a website yourself. Many web hosts offer easy to use web site templates, decorative accents and the ability to upload CSS style sheets if you want to create an original look to your site. For those who are on a strict budget or those who don't have the time to learn HTML code or web design software, the convenience of using the tools provided by a web host are difficult to pass up. Once you design your site, you can easily upload files and make your site go live. Easy to Use Control Panels Control panels and other administrative tools make it easy for you to update your site, upload files, manage email accounts and help you analyze where the majority of your web traffic is coming from. Choosing a web host that includes a control panel that's easy to use will save you time and allow you to have more control over your website. Encryption and Internet Security Having the ability to encrypt certain areas of your site such as customer purchasing histories and order pages is one way to increase the security of your web page. Internet security options such as email and virus protection can help protect information you don't want to be seen by those other than yourself, business partners or employees. Investing in a web host that provides these security measures and more will make using your site safer for customers and allow you to protect email addresses, credit card numbers and other sensitive information from those who may want to steal it.

File Backup Some web hosts offer free daily file backup while others charge a separate fee. Depending on the number of new pages you add, download or want to save each day, this may be a good option for your business. Even though most people backup their personal files kept on their computer, file backup for your email accounts and other areas should be a priority as well. When choosing a web host, determine your needs first so you can find a host that will provide enough storage, disk space and bandwidth so your business will be adequately supported. Hope the above helps some bit. If you need a superior affordable personal or business web host I have to recommend the hostgator link below.

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Sunday, Mar 16th, 2008