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Server Management and Monitoring Services

by John Anthony

When yours is a flourishing IT services organization, ensuring good server management would be your top priority. Hiring a web hosting company to manage the server ensures accountability of the vendor in providing good monitoring services as well. Web hosting India is an emerging destination where organizations get holistic and inclusive server management and monitoring services. Vendors in India cater to both physical servers and their virtual counterparts and ensure that the suite deployed operates the server smoothly without interruptions. Through a renowned web hosting company, IT administrators get to assimilate server related records and deal with intricate configurations of servers, operating system installations and out-of-band management.

A plethora of benefits come with hiring server management services from an accomplished web hosting company. Efficiencies of the staff are increased by integrating hardware and operating systems. Errors and server build time are reduced a great deal through automated server provisioning where as MTTR is also minimized through the remote management tools provided by the suite prepared for server management. Another benefit in that list would be the augmentation of up-time through tightly compressed software.

Since web hosting India has become very diverse with a lot of compelling benefits being given to IT administrators, a good web hosting company will also have monitoring services in the server management suite being provided to the administrator. These monitoring services cut across operating systems ranging from Windows and Solaris to Linux and Unix. Web hosting India has become advanced to such a level that the administrator is given a console that monitors all server needs through Telnet, WMI, SNMP and CLI.

Multiple benefits are offered in monitoring services. Hundreds of server performance metrics are monitored which includes disk space, memory consumption and CPU utilization. The console gives the administrator access to real time memory and disk utilization. ESX servers and VM instances are handled during monitoring services with regular checks to suspend dysfunctional epithets. All services on the operating system are allotted response time monitors which are further controlled by the console. If the service being monitored fails to respond, the operating system or the server is automatically restarted. Monitoring services in Web hosting India are agile in detecting unsuccessful log-ins and password failures. URLS can be monitored too and any absence of text will be alerted at once.

Monday, Jan 4th, 2010