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Selection Of Perfect Web Hosting


How difficult it is to find perfect web hosting for your online business from thousand available web hosting companies on internet? It looks to find a needle in the haystack literally. Truly answer for a newbie comes more difficult even when he does know the basics of web hosting and especially do not know the commonly used terms in this hosting industry. To make this task bit easier you will have to define certain parameters about the requirement of your website so you can select ideal hosting that may not hurt you or your business in coming days.

The foremost thing while selecting a web host is to check the uptime guarantee provided by them. Most of the companies offer 99% uptime guarantee but the best web hosting company is one which never compromise on uptime and always ensures 99.9% uptime. Especially for business where clientage is the core thing for owner of website you can not afford to see your website down at any time.

Second issue is of customer support. It is the thing which should be focused and checked manually before signing up. Most of quality web hosting companies do offer their support 24 hours and 7 days in a week which is the best at approach. This support can be in different formats like phone facility, chat facility, support tickets and email correspondence. You must check any of these services by asking different questions of your satisfaction and check how quickly they respond you. This will help you later on in case you get in any problem either technical or of billing.

Nest thing to check for is the space and bandwidth allocated to your website. These days we are witnessing a common term of unlimited bandwidth and space. This can be a satisfaction to mind but it is never true so make sure you pay for only those things which you get in reality.

You should also check out which additional scripts are being offered to you by your company. Many web hosting companies do offer fantastico which is a set of free and easy to install scripts of blogs, forums, content management systems and such other things. In addition to this, take a look on features like MySQL, CGI, Cold Fusion and other audio and video capabilities. In some companies restrictions are made on number of MySQL databases which can let you down once you decide to add additional databases for your sub-domains.

Another feature to look for business related website is Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This is a feature that is normally not included in your package so you have to buy it as additional product. Websites which are offering credit card transaction facilities on their websites must have this feature as it adds an additional measure of security satisfaction for users.

Finally, its always been difficult for newbie to select perfect web hosting according to the demands of their business. Best thing for them is to just lay down the requirements and then compare different web hosting companies so they achieve their target successfully.

Wednesday, Oct 28th, 2009