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Select a Hosting Option for Ecommerce Success

by Ray La Foy

Let's assume that you are an enthusiastic webmaster who wants to take their business online. It's a practical and probably smart ambition.

The business world is changing at an ever increasing pace. More and more sites are bringing good products into the homes of millions of internet users world-wide, and this is just the beginning of the revolution. When you are ready to enter the world of online business commerce hosting must be one of your top priorities.

Before you jump into selecting a commerce host for your website, start at the beginning. What exactly is e-commerce? By most definitions, it is the action of marketing, selling and distributing products over the world wide web. The center of ecommerce is naturally an online store.

Without a website or page containing your ecommerce store, you have no ecommerce business. It is certainly possible to make money online through many other means than operating on online store. But ecommerce is one of the fastest, simplest ways one can start earning an income online.

In an online business, having quality commerce hosting is vital. It may even make the difference between your business succeeding and failing. You and more importantly your customers will depend on safe, reliable hosting. Without a capable, professional commerce host, sales aren't likely to be made.

Shared vs. Dedicated Commerce Hosting

You basically have two options for your commerce hosting: a shared server or a dedicated server. The differences between the two are great both in term of quality and in price.

If you choose shared hosting, this means that you will have to share the server your web site is on with many other different websites. You will have less bandwidth at your disposal and your web pages may operate more slowly. As the business owner, you may have less options available to you for customizing your pages and your site. Again, the needs of your business and your clients must be weighed against these limitations.

If you choose a dedicated server, it will be yours and yours alone. You will be the only one on it and you will share bandwidth with nobody. You will be able to personalize everything and install software at your own discretion. More personalization, more speed, and faster service for your customers are the hallmarks of a dedicated commerce host.

Of course, you will pay for the dedicated server bonuses. A dedicated server can easily cost you a few hundred of dollars a month. By contrast, shared hosting costs just a few dollars each month. Cost may well be the deciding factor when you first launch your ecommerce site. But be sure to re-evaluate your decision regularly as your ecommerce business changes and grows.

Evaluate Your Server Regularly

What might cause you to change your mind about a commerce host option? If your business really takes off and you are experiencing rapid success and growth while using a shared host, consider moving up to a dedicated server. With dedicated hosting, you will be better able to serve a growing number of customers and to customize your online business to better suit your business needs.

Alternatively, if you find your once-booming online business is experiencing a sluggish start or rapid decline, consider switching to shared hosting. You can save considerable expense while still serving your customers' needs while you re-evaluate your business model.

Lastly, you may find that you are simply dissatisfied with your current server. If you are planning to switch servers anyway, it might be an excellent time to make a switch to a more suitable type of server, as well.

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