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Professional Web Hosting Solutions from MagicHost

by themagichost
Do you have a small home-based business that needs to be promoted online? Does your business require setting up its own Website to facilitate necessary transactions? If you are in need to put up your simple online presence but you lack the total technical adeptness for it, you may soon need to seek a good professional Web host. Web hosting is the practice of providing Internet solutions to organizations. Basically, many Web hosts operate by offering companies and individuals the service to help run their own Websites. The Web hosts will own a domain and the clients would only rent or pay commissions to make use of those domains so that their own Web pages could be rolled out. MagicHost is one of the leading providers of the most reliable Web hosting solutions currently across the Internet. Visit the company’s site at http://www.themagichost.com/ and see how MagicHost could be of service to you. In the site, you would find different types of service offerings that could be the best for you and your business. MagicHost is focused at its reseller Web hosting and virtual hosting services operations. As a reseller Web host, we enable the clients to be their own Web hosts. The service goes by allowing our clients to sell and provide Web hosting services themselves to other clients. Thus, the service covered by the company expands further. In the industry, MagicHost is one of the most reliable reseller Web hosting services providers, beating other rivals. The company now operates in conjunction with ResellerTemple.com, which is actively selling different Web hosting reseller services to the market. As a virtual host, MagicHost allows customers to slice up a single server into many virtual servers. Each client of this service would feel like he or she is in a single dedicated server, when in actuality, he or she is sharing the server with numerous other users. To date, we host about 150 Websites at the most on each virtual server, with each using Dual Intel Xeon + at least. As a virtual dedicated server, we enables the client to own its own Web server. As such, the client would be having total control over the site. One setback though is the client being given the responsibility to maintain and ensure the security of the server. In this service, our company also tends to be a good Linux host aside from being a virtual host. One basic attraction of MagicHost is our being a budget host. As a cheap host, the company offers several perks and promos. For a start, the company offers professional solutions for Web hosting. There is free setup offerings as well as a free domain that may be as affordable as can be. Prices start at $4.00 monthly. Shared hosting is that particular service. At the same price is MagicHosts’ 50-gigabyte space domain with free setup options and more as well as budget Linus hosting. MagicHosts also rolls out virtual host services that start at $55 monthly and up, depending on the special and technical services on the package. The service is known to be fast and very affordable. You would have your free domain name and updated setup and backup management. Dedicated hosting offered by the company starts at $174 monthly. The service is ensured to have the best performance giving the client full management options of the site. For experts and skilled Website owners, the service is really attractive and provides greater opportunities. Why do you need to choose MagicHost? Looking at the advantages would be of great help. The company provides 99.9% uptime and there is a round-the-clock monitoring of the network. That means your needs are taken care of anytime of the day. Talk about customer satisfaction? Here’s more. MagicHost also offers triple backups to the client as well as a 360-degree management strategy. There would be a professional, competent and highly reliable account manager who will be assigned to each customer. On top of it all, there is a unique and highly aggressive 30-day money back guarantee. As a business, you would be ensured that you would greatly be covered and your Web hosting service would be reliable and secured. In this regard, you can rest assured and take care of the other aspects of the business. That means, there would be more time and space for further productivity. About the Author MagicHost is one of the leading providers of the most reliable Web hosting solutions currently across the Internet. One basic attraction of MagicHost is our being a budget host . Brows our online resource for web host service.
Monday, Nov 19th, 2007