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Personal Web Hosting

by rodney

Personal Web Hosting

Personal web hosting has fueled a large part of the web hosting industry. Personal web hosts are booming selling powerful hosting plans tailored to personal homepages, blogs, digital photo albums, video files, etc. With Prices under $5/month personal web hosting plans are very affordable not to mention the full features. Most come with full control panels to manage emails, stats, and the website. Personal Hosting plans also come with a wide array of functionality already ready such as blogs or digital photo albums. A lot have a website builder tool that will let a non programmer build a website by following a set of options. These tools have become quite sophisticated and full of functionality. Even a novice can build a professional website without ever programming.

When looking for a personal web hosting company, look for one that tailors to your needs. If you want to start a blog then go to a blog web hosting site. If you want to build your own website but do not know how to program then go to one that has a website builder tool. Make sure they have a demo of the tool and give it a try before you sign up. Do some research to make sure the website builder tool that the hosting company uses will have the features that you need.

Most of all, your personal web hosting company should make your web hosting goals easy to achieve. If they do not then move on.

The cost should also be very small. Do not pay more then $10/month and unless you have real special needs you should be able to get a nice hosting plan from a reputable web hosting company for less then $5/month.

Go to web hosting directory websites and read hosting reviews of the potential personal web hosts that you are considering. Also, check out their website for helpful guides and tutorials. They should have everything you need to make publishing your website easy. If they do not then move on. They should have guides and FAQ’s that answer common questions and explain the process.

But also remember that you are purchasing a personal web hosting plan and not a dedicated server or virtual private server. You will get what you pay for. Plans for $5/month are also on shared servers with other customers. So, you will not have 99.9% uptime no matter what the web hosts says. A lot will promise this kind of uptime for their network or datacenter but not your server itself. But if it is truly a personal website then you will never notice these kinds of hiccups.

Support is another aspect to examine when choosing a personal web host. Since you are not an expert you will need to make sure that the hosting company has experts that are always available. Email support should be adequate for personal websites, but they should respond to hosting support request within 1 hour. A good way to test this is to email their Support team a question and wait for their response. This will be a good indicator. Doing this in the middle of the night will also help test their response during off hours, which is inevitably when problems occur.

Personal websites are also ideal for clubs, neighborhoods, teams, and churches. They allow any group or organization to publish news and coordinate activities. We even see people using personal hosting plans to just host photos for Ebay auctions.

Another common use for personal websites are resumes. People will buy the domain name of their full name and post their resume there. This is an excellent way to network for job hunters. You can post links to their website in forums and online discussion groups.

The next time you have the need for a website don’t be intimidated. Go to a top web hosting resource website and pick one of the personal web hosting companies that they recommend. The personal hosting plan should be easy for the novice. It’s time to take advantage of the internet and the expertise of web hosting companies.

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