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Niche Websites for Your Creative Side

by Candace Gill

Here are 2 great website ideas for anyone who nutures their creative side...

Benefits of a Craft Adsense Website - Online crafts can be a great way for people to share patterns, ideas and one of a kind items. If you have a knack for being creative, then a crafts community would be a perfect match for you. Take a look at some ideas we have gathered to help get your craft website started.


Holiday Kids Crafts Dolls Wreathes Bears Jewelry Seasonal Content

How to create an Easter wreath Collecting one of kind collections. Interactive Areas

Downloadable craft instructions Message forums Chat rooms Contests Newsletter DIY showcase directory Keywords to Use

Holiday Kids Crafts Dolls Wreathes Bears Jewelry Seasonal Freebies to Give Away

Do it yourself instructions Free bear patterns for download. Creative Marketing Tip

Create a directory of craft websites to create a reciprocal link exchange.

Another great website idea is a recipe site. Benefits of a Recipe Adsense Website - Recipes are a popular search each and everyday, I know I have searched for quick dinner recipes, yummy fudge recipes and whatever recipes I may find myself having a craving for. If you have a large recipe collection and you are willing to share your love of cooking with other people, what better way than creating a fun and interactive recipe community? The following is just a few tips to get your recipe website idea started.


Dinner Deserts Lunches Brunches Breakfast Fudge Appetizers Candies Content

Large database of searchable recipes Reviews of each recipe Interactive Areas

Post your recipe Forums Chat rooms Newsletter Printable weekly meal lists Keywords to Use

Recipes Dinner Deserts Lunches Breakfast Fudge Appetizers Candies Freebies to Give Away

Printable recipes Printable weekly meal lists Healthy meals 30 minute meals Creative Marketing Tip

Allow other websites to offer your recipes on their websites, with a discrete link back to your website.

Thursday, Jan 11th, 2007