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Nice Tips for Webmasters

by Donald Anderson

1) Search engine submission to google, yahoo, msn, etc.
2) Directory submission.
3) Public relation: join few forums, and put your site on the signature.
4) Place this site URL to my other site footer.
5) Join link exchange.
6) Article writing will increase more one way links it's very good for page rank and traffic.
7) Social bookmarking sites are a popular way to store, classify, share and search links.
8) Collection of relevant keywords example: electronic

Increase your site's link popularity by increasing your internal and incoming links.

Internal links - Cross link all your sites and important pages within each site. This will maximize the PageRank of all your pages within each web site.

Incoming links that you control - Create several small web sites related to your main site. Each site should only consist of a few pages. Then cross link them all together using the most important keywords. Don't forget to include links back to the main site.

Ask sites that link to your competitors to link to your site. To find out which sites are linking to your competitors, visit a search engine and enter, "link:" followed by the competitors' domain name.

Exchange links with sites listed in the same category as yours in the major web directories, such as the Yahoo! Directory and the Open Directory.

Find sites that accept site submissions. Visit your favorite search engine and search for:


#"Add link"+"your keyword"
#"Add a link"+"your keyword"
#"Add site"+"your keyword"
#"Add a site"+"your keyword"
#"Add your site"+"your keyword"
#"Add URL"+"your keyword"
#"Add link"+"your keyword"
#"Add a URL"+"your keyword"
#"Add an URL"+"your keyword"
#"Add website"+"your keyword"
#"Add a website"+"your keyword" etc......

For example

#"Add a website"+"electronic" Here electronic is a keyword

Include a TITLE tag as the first META tag, directly after the HEAD tag.

Include robot.txt file

Monday, Feb 12th, 2007