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Newbie Online Secret #1: Using The Proper 'Tools'

by cwaiyean
Out in the market, there are heap of people want to be successful online. Unfortunately, there are 95% newbie fail in first six months. If you observe closely, you will realize that most of them are doing the business with a "trying" mentality. They reluctant to invest money something there are uncertain. There are running the businesses with employee mindsets. Basically, there are the three major tools you need to have to project a professionalism image to your customer. There are a proper domain name, real web hosting and an autoresponder. The perception of credibility is the big factor that influences customer's buying decisions when they see your url. For example: if there are two "Bass Fishing" eBook URL below, which URL would you rather click on it ? hostingforfree.com/joshua/bassfishing or bassfishing.com/ It's really obvious right? By looking at the URL, you intuitively believe found information close to what you're looking for. With the free hosting, the newbie have limited control over editing your web pages, uploading images and inserting code for things like autoresponders. Maybe some of might not know what is an autoresponder. Autoresponder is tools helping capturing contact information of visitors come to your site. By the way, most of the sales not made from first visit. You need name and email address to follow-up with them. The two major tools that I have covered above is a must for all internet marketers, either newbie or Gurus. There are no exceptional. One more great tool that should posses is the ‘link cloaking'. It doesn't have significant effect to the regular merchants, but it's crucial for affiliate marketers. There are complaints saying the hop link is too ugly and customer do not want to click on them, hop link is too "obvious" and people will avoid clicking on them for the sake denying you a commission and commissions stealing by replacing your affiliate nicknames. In the marketing, there are lots of different link-cloaking tools available. You can either use the pay "script" if you are within your budget or you can use the free cloaking service by tinyurl. All in all, the tools recommended above are necessary for a newbie success online. About the Author Anthony Chan is an expert on helping newbie internet marketers to avoid making mistakes most newbie made in their online business. Anthony loves to share his experiences in online business with all the internet marketers. Goto http://www.allnewbiecashmachine.com.
Monday, Jan 28th, 2008