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Management of the Dedicated Servers

by Chetan

Dedicated Servers as the Best Web Hosting solutions in the Web Hosting Industry is now preferred by majority of the Individuals and businesses. While opting for the Dedicated Server Hosting, once for a instance also every client thinks of managing the server on their own. Their is always a resemblance that it is a easy task to manage the Dedicated Server and can be done quite easily. Let us see what are the points which are taken care of while managing the server.

Here are some of the important things needed to be done in Managed Dedicated Servers :

Operating system updates
Application updates
Technical support
Server monitoring
Application monitoring
Database Administration
DNS hosting service
Applications management
Security audits
Antivirus updates
DDoS protection and mitigation
Intrusion detection
User management
Firewall services
Consistent Backups and restoration
Performance tuning
Disaster recovery
SNMP hardware monitoring
Load balancing
Software installation and configuration
Programming consultation

Doing all this is not an easy task, there is lot of risk involved in it. You never know what will happen when you are dealing with Networks. So you should always be ready for the disaster recovery. If we take a look at all this tasks carefully an individual cannot perform this tasks. You need a good team of technical experts, which you can easily get at the Datacenter or the Dedicated Servers Provider.

We Would recommend you to go for the managed Dedicated Server hosting.

Saturday, Dec 26th, 2009