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Managed Dedicated Hosting Servers - How Much Does It Cost?

by Hatem Serag
You may do the planning for migrating to a dedicated hosting server because of several reasons. You may have a complicated software which is delivered online, you could be handling a rabid growing business which lead to the most capacity on a shared web hosting server. You will be forwarded to the same end result - Transferring your website to a dedicated server will be a very important step. So, what will your next step be?. With the wide options of dedicated and virtual private hosting server plans which is available everywhere, it will need a small exploring to make sure you get the dedicated server which is fulfilling your goals

You will face two vital questions you need to answer when evaluating a dedicated server options, those two questions are very much united to each other. The first one will be: what will you be using your server for, and the other question is: do you want Windows or Linux operating system?. Taking into account some characteristics, like serving web pages for web surfers, both Linux and Windows will fulfill excellently. Both the UNIX based Apache web server and Internet Information Server based on Windows operating system have been driving millions of websites for many years.

On the other hand, for other more particularized web applications, Unex or Windows operating systems will be a requirement. You can make a broad list of what applications will run on your exclusive dedicated server and to be sure your buying the right operating system that you're choosing the right OS.

It's a good idea to cover any other system requirements in this shopping list. It's likely to discover that you need more RAM for your application to function properly after installing it on your server.

When you get a managed dedicated server, you will not need to be accountable for any related issue such as setting up the operating system, in addition to other maintenance missions. However, it is a better idea to be familiar with the OS you selected, This is in case you decided not to handle your server issues yourself. Both Windows and Linux operating systems deal with system features in dissimilar ways such as file names, root dirs, and other regular conventions, and being familiar with the operating system of your server, you will be able to manage different situations very easily.

Bear in mind too that a great benefit of a managed server is the support level you obtain, so be certain to take advantage of that.

Like the assistance quality granted to you, your managed dedicated server will give you more special tools and services. These will cover such tools as some hosted applications like Sharepoint and Microsoft Exchange, also some management services like managed backup, managed firewalls and load balancers.

The excellent services that a managed dedicated server provider will be able to offer for unbeatable availability and effectiveness for a very low charge it would take to do in house. The managed server company can offer a great services for unbeatable effectiveness and accessibility for a low cost that would need to be fulfilled himself.

Dedicated hosting presents to serious webmaster a large amount of ability, flexibility, and control. Dedicated hosting adds value to budget line elements, both in cost savings as well as through leveraging add on services that improve both internal operations and the external user experience. In an age where outsourcing is critical to successful business plans, dedicated hosting can be a difference maker.
Thursday, Oct 29th, 2009