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Make Websites Easy to Browse

by Jessica Lang

People who own and run home-based businesses see the value to have a piece of cyber link to their moneymaking ventures.  Even if it is just a small store at a street corner, most often than not, the flyers and brochures business owners give out to their customers have their website addresses printed on these pieces of paper.  The obvious reason for this is so their clients, even potential customers, could easily check them out when they go online.  Aside from promoting their own products and services, these internet savvy entrepreneurs link their websites to other relevant sites.  Thus, this simple step easily widens the reach of their customer base.

Almost everything is done online, even money transactions that are usually coursed through traditional means such as small cash loans.  A few years ago, this was through banks or financial service offices, but now just going online and browsing it is easy to find an online financial service provider.  An entrepreneur or small business owner can easily profit from websites.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, with lots of animation, graphics, and other special effects.  The important things to put in a business website are information about the products or services offered, a clear price or fees list, and the contact information.  Other than those things, it is just icing on a cake, so to speak.

To make these websites easier to browse, entrepreneurs and business owners should look into these tips.  Remember, the faster a web page completes the downloading, the more likely the potential client would stay within the page, browse the product or service lines ups, and even make a purchase via an online order form.  Some would even sign up for a free e-newsletter service if they like what the website offers, particularly information they could use.

First, the product images and other kinds of graphics should not be overwhelming to the potential client.  It should not take away their focus on the main goal: that is, to buy something from off the cyber shelf.  Another related element is the fonts.  These should be easy to read—not too small or too bright in the use of color combination.  This would turn off some older internet users.  Next is to minimize the number of clicks a visitor needs to go around the site.  It is best to keep the website’s menu simple.  Including a common menu is also a good idea to have.  When using images or photos of the product, it is advisable to always put captions, like one sees in magazines and newspapers.

Investing on a great website helps boost the business.  For beginning entrepreneurs and business owners, even taking out easy personal loans to cover some expenses to set up a professional-looking website is a wise investment.

Jessica Lang co-founder of http://www.cashdoctors.co.nz, New Zealand’s preferred short term lender, shares his insights on money matters. Cash Doctors also help people in the long run by providing budgeting tools, e-books and individually researched articles on money matters and financial tips.

Wednesday, Oct 28th, 2009