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Make Money With Your Web Site

by Electric
TV channels are something which cannot be imagined away for everyone of us. Almost every day we watch TV for informational or entertainment purposes. But we don't pay anything for this service. So, are the TV channel owners doing this without earning a dime? You have most probably recognized that you are not only seeing movies and news but also commercials, right? Yes, that's the revenue source of TV channels. The more people are watching a certain channel the more costly those commercials are getting for advertisers. This is not different for web sites either. There are so many websites out there where millions of visitors can be found per month. Even though some of this are not selling anything to the visitor these websites are highly profitable. How? It is the same principle as mentioned above. Or how do you think Google is earning money? Just look at the right side of your screen every time you use the search results of its search engine. But in order to earn money with your web site you don't need to have millions of visitors. You can turn your current traffic you get per month into money without having to sell any product or service. You have seen it dozens of times maybe every time you visit a web site. There are banner ads or text link ads spread somewhere on the website. This is the way the website owner is generating income out of his web site. Without having to do anything on your part the simplest form of earning money directly from the traffic numbers you get is to place banner ads or text ads paid via an impression based model (number of visitors). This means that you earn more the more visitors come to your site. But I can maybe hear you moaning... Banner ads or ads in general are something a website owner likes but a website visitor could be on edge seeing all these distractions. And you are right. Even as an ad publisher you should care about your visitors' satisfaction or your visitor will not visit you again. Now there is a way to make money from your web site without having to display any types of ads or having to sell any product or service. Even if this sounds strange to you, I want to emphasize the word ,,sound". Yes, the new way of advertising online is to play audio ads. By just playing a 5 second ad only once per visitor you can make money and your visitors' satisfaction is still on a high level. No visitor will hear an ad a second time thus enabling your website to look healthy and ad free but still generating income for you the easy and more professional way. About the Author I know that as a website owner you have to pay attention to your visitors' contentment. Therefore, you will not fill your site with a vast number of ads just for the sake of making money. Your visitors will not be disturbed or distracted by any visible commercials any more. If you want to make use of this breakthrough ad system visit this web site for sign up.
Monday, Dec 17th, 2007