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Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting

by Kris Kharisma
To choose which platform that you want to take advantage of, you first need to understand what is the difference among each platform. And from there, you will know which platform is more fitting for your small business. Windows Operating system Microsoft windows based web hosting are generally more pricey solution if compared with it’s Linux counterpart because host company have to buy ms windows license to utilize it on their servers and this will additionally add to their total charge. However with utilizing Ms windows as their server operating system, they are capable to present support that Linux Operating System not capable to give, such as support for ASP, ASP.NET programming language and support for Microsoft SQL Server. Even though Linux operating system these days are capable to offer support for ASP.NET through a project called MonoProject which provides ASP.NET support for Apache Web Server and therefore allow Linux to serve sites using ASP.NET as the programming language, but this is all still in development stage and there possibly will be various compatibility problem, so it it does take sometime before Linux can operate ASP.NET websites flawlessly. Corporation are more likely to choose commercial solution because they could benefit from its vendor support rather than Linux that mostly give no support at all. Windows servers can also operate most software that also run on Linux like PHP, PostgreSQL another database application that equivalent to MYSQL and Microsoft SQL Server, Python programming language, and Perl. So what Microsoft windows servers could offer more than Linux operating system is that Microsoft windows Operating Systems is a commercial product, because of that they also provide support if their consumers bump into any dificulties and Ms windows also provide support for services that only Microsoft windows can present. Unix Platform Most hosting corporation servers are using Linux/BSD, Linux itself is Unix like operating system and have many flavour present through many Linux distribution, a number of distro are more designed to be more of a desktop operating system and some are designed more as a server. Some Linux operating system distribution that generally used by hosting corporation are Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat Linux operating system Enterprise, and CentOS. Debian, is a very popular Linux distro known for its solidity, while their stable application is not always the newest version, but every program integrated are thoroughly tested so it should not crash your system. Debian is more geared to be operated as a server because applications that are included are more outdated but more stable than Linux operating system distributions designed to be desktop platform. Ubuntu, is an example distro that comes from Debian. Ubuntu is more geared to be used as a desktop operating system, although Ubuntu also have the server variant of itself, but Ubuntu is more broadly used as a desktop more than a server. Ubuntu not like Debian, are providing a more recent application than Debian that is why it is more suitable than Debian to be used as a desktop because desktop user commonly need a more recent application. Red Hat Linux Enterprise, it’s a more commercial Linux distro, but for paying it you will benefit from Red Hat support and if you get their advanced product you will get 24/7 phone support. Firm that choose to use Linux operating system and additionally wants support will commonly choose Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system that brings Linux well-known stability with corporate level support. CentOS, is 100% compatible build of Red Hat Linux Enterprise source codes, it is well supported, and it is totally designed for server use. CentOS is for people who need an professional class operating system without the charge of license and support. FreeBSD, is not Linux, nevertheless it is equal to Linux operating system, FreeBSD is another server based operating system and what makes it distinctive from Linux is that FreeBSD utilities and programs (kernel, shell, etc) are parts of the operating system and developed by the same developers, not like Linux operating system that consist of many applications that developed by different developers and combined together to form a Linux distribution. FreeBSD is acknowledged to be stable just like Linux it also impervious to virus and spywares. Linux operating system/BSD is a free and secure operating system, Linux/BSD also more impervious to spyware and viruses since 99% of viruses and spywares are made for Windows this give advantage for Linux/BSD servers to no longer need to be troubled about malicious program and also reduce the need to obtain an anti virus program which also lower the overall cost. Ultimately, deciding your hosting platform is basically depends on what your requirement, if you desire to host ASP/ASP.NET sites or intends to use Microsoft SQL Server then Windows is your choice. But if you wish to operate PHP, Python or Perl websites I recommend you go with Linux hosting for a less expensive charge. And one other thing you need to consider, until now a number of control panel like cPanel only support Linux/BSD this is also a critical matter to think about when choosing a hosting plan, lacking a good control panel managing your account could be a overwhelming job. About The Author: Find out which one is the finest web hosting provider or rate and review your web host and aid others on deciding their own web host on Simple Hosting Review
Saturday, Oct 10th, 2009